July 19, 2010

Civil War Era Knit-Along

These storms keep rolling in! As I write this I could hear a roaring in the distance which soon became large crashes and flashes that shake the house. What crazy weather we've been having, we just had a storm this morning. It is very hot now but forecasters are predicting a very cold winter. All the better to make sure that we have plenty of knitted things to keep ourselves and loved ones toasty.

On August 1, I will be hosting a knit-along for beginners if anyone is interested. Everyone will have a chance to vote on what you'd most like to knit. We will knit a certain amount each week and everyone is invited to post photos of their progress every Saturday, and I will link to them.

 The options are:

* Sontag from Godey's Lady's Book, 1860

 *Opera Hood From Godey's Lady's Book, 1856

* Necktie from Peterson's Magazine 1861

* Lace Collar from The Ladies' Complete Guide, 1859 

Let me know what you would like to knit and if you plan to participate. Once we pick a project, we can figure out the yarn and needles we'll need. I think it will be fun and I feel like I'm more likely to finish it and not discard it for another project if I am knitting along with a group.


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  2. That sounds like a ton of fun!! :D I'd love to participate.

    My favorite is the Sontag, but the rest are close behind :)

  3. Susan, I like the Sontag too. I especially like that you can wear it with modern clothes without it looking old fashioned. Thanks for commenting!

  4. You're Welcome! :)

    I'm definitely a beginner knitter, haven't made anything bigger then a scarf, but I think I could manage something harder :D.

  5. Susan, these projects only use, casting on, knitting, purling, binding off and decreasing. I picked simpler ones because I am still a beginner myself.

  6. Isn't it strange? I was JUST about to start a sontag for a first person reenactment in October! I've been procrastinating. . . This might help me along!

  7. I like the sontag, too! It looks like a very useful thing for cold days, actually.
    I'm not sure if I can afford to participate, with all the other projects I have in mind and ahead of me. On the other hand, one of the projects I have in mind is getting rid of anything that I can be rid of by making something out of it, and yarn certainly counts for that project. :-)

  8. Sophia, What pattern were you thinking of using for yours?

    Hana, I know what it's like to have the back-up stash grow to epic proportions!

  9. The Piecework magazine's translation of the Godey's pattern. I think I lent it to a friend though. . .

  10. I'd like to participate but my vote is for a project not listed, I need to knit 2 wool vests for my littler girls. I'll probably knit along and use you all to keep me motivated! This is a great idea, thanks for doing it!

    Mrs. G

  11. Mrs. G, If you have a public domain pattern for the vests or have created one yourself, please post it. Other people might want to make a vest instead. Thanks.

  12. What a wonderful idea. I vote for the Sontag first and the lace collar next. Thanks for hosting the KAL.

  13. Thanks Deborah, do you plan to participate? I think we will be knitting the sontag.

  14. I'm a little late...but I would love to be part of your knit along. I am just getting into reenactment and am also a beginner knitter as well.


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