October 24, 2009

Keeping History Alive: Historical Music

I am in love with historical music. There is a simplicity and beauty that music today does not have. Listening to period music is like a momentary transformation back in time. Cd's are great but I did not know how enjoyable live music could be until I attended a few reenactments where they had live bands and concerts. Previous to that, I had only been to rock concerts and choral concerts. They do not encompass the beauty of a group of friends playing for their own joy as well as the joy of the people watching.

Civil War Reenactor  One of the best performers of period music I have seen is Kent Courtney. He truly has a presence on stage and a mastery of music that comes through on his Cd's. I admit that I listen to these over and over and over again. The great part about Kent is that he performs a lot and locally. If you ever get to see him perform, he will play a lot of songs suggested by the audience which is fun because you can hear a live version of some of your favorite songs. He was also one of the actors in the History Channel program: Stealing Lincoln's Body. How neat is that?
        I am very thankful that some people still take the time to record this kind of music and perform it. It really is for the love of it because, like many arts, music doesn't pay too well.

Irish Civil War ReenactorAnother great musician is David Kincaid. He is one of the best Civil-War-Era-Irish musicians there is (what a niche!) His two Irish Cd's are amazing. These are two more Cd's that I listen to constantly and they never get old. These have really stood the test of time--I've been listening to these constantly since I was High School! The musicians that play with Kincaid are amazing and his voice is just perfect for the time period being portrayed.
      Where have you heard his music before? In the movie God's and Generals. What a talented group!

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