October 17, 2009

All Dressed Up, No Place to Go

            All day at school on Friday, I couldn’t wait to get home to go on our trip to the Cedar Creek Reenactment. During class I was mentally checking off my list of packed items. Did I have enough apples? Did I pack my hoop? Pack the brown sugar? Pack my spare socks? I was so excited and despite the freezing temperature and unforgiving, pounding rain, I still wanted to go.
            We had the tent and everything packed in the car except my stuff which was packed and waiting by the door. I get home from school and I call Andy (my other half) to discuss what kind of German Chocolate we would be making for everyone since it would be so cold. He tells me that everyone we were going with had decided not to go! I was heartbroken. The weather had ruined it. Andy and I considered just going by ourselves but the weather was very bad and we didn’t feel safe just driving the 4 hour drive by ourselves.
            That magic moment, I was talking about in my last post, was extended into this moment. I felt the sadness and disappointment that our foremothers inevitably felt when dressed for a ball, they waited at the front door excitedly, only to have their mother come up to them and say “Prudence, darling, there will be no Ball tonight. There is an ice storm. It would be so hazardous to attempt it. Come sit by the fire, we’ll read Longfellow.”
            I feel like a party is going on and I can’t be a part of it. I would be slightly less disappointed if the event was canceled.


  1. This is a sad post, and that's also a very sad drawing (I gather you drew that of yourself) And I know that feeling all too well. Men experience that too. I know I did a lot this year. Getting all your stuff ready to go and finding out you have no way to get to an event, be it weather or lack of transportation, and your comrades are sitting around a fire making jolly times in another century, while you're stuck at your job or at home.

  2. It was really snowy. It's probably better that I didn't go. I hope you get to go to the next one.


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