Historical Recipes


-Medieval Vegetable Broth: Braum Brose


-Christmas Cookie Recipe from Amelia Simmons 1796. 
-Gingerbread Cakes 1749
-Colonial Desserts
-Mushroom Ketchup 1796 
Beef Stew, a poor Man's Dish 1767
-Colonial Shortbread 1791
-Evolution of Shortbread 1755-1916
-Candied Orange Peel 1737  
-Curd Fritters 1798 
- Stewed Pears 1778
- Verjuice 1732. 1788
-Hannah Glasse's Lip Salve 1778
- Syringe Biscuits 1790
- Pound Cake 1796
- Lemon Cheese


-Currant Ice Cream 1819
-Pennsylvania Teacake Recipe 1870
-Ginger Nuts 1852

Civil War / 1860s 

-Potato Leek Soup
-Civil War Bread Recipe
-Macaroni and Cheese
-Rockahominy, Hominy and Grits
-Stuffing: Civil War Thanksgiving
-Farina: Civil War Sanitary Commission and Hospital Food Served at Gettysburg 
-Civil War Era Peach Pie  
-1860 Crab Apple Jelly 
-1856 Crullers 
-1865 Rock Candy 
-1862 Lemonade Powder
-1850 Scotch Short-Cake
-1858 Potato Chip Recipe 
- 1865 Molasses Candy Recipe
- 1861 Apple Snowballs
- 1860 Pineappleade Recipe
- 1863 German Tart Recipe
- 1860s Confederate Milk Substitute

Civil War Food Related 

-When General Lee Instructed his Men to Find Their Own Food
-Low or No Cook Cooking at Hot Reenactments
-How to Make Paper bags for Food 1860s
-Confederate Cost of Dinner in 1864
-How Many Calories did they Eat in 1860?
-Civil War Era Dinner Invitations 
-Hydrochloric Acid--for Cooking? 1863


- Anne of Green Gables Nut Cake 1902
- Chinese Egg Roll 1917, 1943
- 1912 Titanic Lemon Tart
- WWI Turkish Delight 1917
-WWI Pumpkin Candy 1917 
-WWI Stuffed Tomato Salad
-WWI Cottage Cheese Meat Substitute 1918
- Maple Fudge Recipe 1905, 1916
- WWI Peanut Butter Cookies
- WWI Graham Cracker Cake Recipe
-WWI Bran Muffins 1916
-WWI Pickled Eggs 
-WWI Chester Jumbles

Modern/ Post 1930s

-WWII Kisses Recipe -A Jewish recipe
-WWII Tomato Soup Cake/ Soup to Nuts Cake
-WWII Boston Clam Chowder 1945
-WWII Stuffed Tomato Salad
-WWII Era Sauerkraut Viennese Recipe
-WWII Sweet Potatoes in Apple and Orange Cups
-WWII Egg Foo Young
-WWII Chinese- American Shrimp Fried Rice
-WWII Spaghetti
-WWII Valentine's Day Candies
- WWII Cesar (Aviator's) Salad
- WWII Chicken Noodle Soup
-WWII Pecan Pie

-1950s Crab Cake Recipe from my Grandmother-Pasta Fazool (1940-70s)
-Vegetarian Dumplings
-Onigiri Japanese Rice Balls
-Italian Peppers and Egg Sandwiches

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