February 25, 2016

Civil War Era Apple Snowballs Recipe

This recipe was cooked for the Historical Food Fortnightly. A yearly challenge that encourages bloggers to cook a historical food every two weeks. This is a fun to make and delicious recipe. Also my first time making boiled rice in pudding cloth. It's a nice early war recipe when rice was prevalent in the Southern states.  

The Challenge: Sweets for the Sweet (February 12 - February 25) It’s sugar, and maybe spice, and definitely everything nice. Test out a historic recipe for sweets, sweetmeats and candies - but don’t let them spoil your appetite!

The Recipe: 


The Date/Year and Region: 1861 England although similar recipes were printed before and throughout the war on both sides of the Atlantic including in Sarah Josepha Hale's Modern Cookery (1845). The The Housekeeper and Gardener (1858) used the alternative name "Carolina Snowballs."
How Did You Make It: 


- 4 small apples, pared and cored
- 2 Cups of uncooked Rice
- 4 Cups Milk
- Cinnamon
- Sugar
- Cloves
- Pudding cloths or pudding bags and twine


Boil the rice in the milk until 3/4 of the way done, strain off extra milk. Set aside and let cool. Mix the cinnamon, sugar and a few cloves and add a small amount of water to make a paste. Fill the apples with the cinnamon and sugar. Lay out a pudding cloth and cover it with 1/2 inch of the cooled rice. Place apple in the center and tie the bag around the top, making sure to press the rice together around one apple. Once all apples are wrapped, boil in a large pot for 30-45 minutes or until the apples are soft. Remove the snowballs from the water by the strings and left to cool on a plate Let cool then remove the pudding cloths and serve.

** Leave the twine long, so you are able to move the snowballs around the pot while boiling.

Time to Complete: Maybe an Hour.

Total Cost: $5.00

How Successful Was It?: Very delicious!

How Accurate Is It?: I followed the recipe as close as I could having never made them before. 


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