November 14, 2015

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party Post

Hello! October and November have been busy! I can't believe it's already November. There has been
a lot of excitement these last few weeks but now I am looking forward to a relaxed winter. There's a lot that's been going on that just didn't make it to the blog but i'm excited to share them now.         

I always wonder what it will be like to get older. Will I still be able to do the things I love? Will I still have people to share things with? Then I see these sisters at the Chester Historical Preservation Committee Chester Days event who found an intimate spot to drink hot cocoa, help preserve historical structures, and giggle like teenagers.

The first frost like gemstones on the tips of everything.

Had my first try at plowing with oxen. Glad the oxen knew what they were doing, they didn't even need me. 

We have been seeing some crazy murmurations lately. A few days ago we had a group that was so massive and loud it was hard to talk to people only feet away.

Ghost tour of Fort Delaware, a Civil War prisoner of war camp. We didn't see or experience anything at all and were actually just interested in seeing the fort at night. Weren't disappointed. It's still one of my favorite sites.

The 1700s archaeological dig at Newlin Grist Mill has moved from the Trimble pit to the mill house. 

Here the covered mill race is being exposed for the first time since it was covered. 

I did not take a lot of fall leaves photos this year. Went to Jim Thorpe, PA to see the change but after hiking up the mountain we ended up getting snowed on.

Got caught in the rather early first snow of the year.

Weird weather. It was warm and yet snowing. Everything was covered in fog.

You might not have heard but I died of Yellow Fever 7 times during the Halloween event at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. I got better. 

My favorite from a Civil War era photo shoot. The dog knows how to pose, right? 


  1. That guy in the last picture looks like a real stud.

    1. Yes i hear he was in a puppy mill before he was rescued, Anonymous.

  2. Love all the pictures - - - -
    How did you like plowing?

    1. Thanks Ken, Plowing was fun. I had to run though. The oxen move faster than they look like they will.

  3. Water pictures are the best but I love the photo of the two sisters and in that image of Fort Delaware, those lights looks as though the DeLorean is about to appear. :)

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun taking them. Those lights are people walking by with flashlights.

  4. Hi, Stephanie! I like your blog and especially these photos! The rose is amazing and the drops make an outstanding decoration. It reminds me of my garden in the village. And the next photo too. I like being a granny and having my grandchildren in the village. Thanks for such a good choice of photos. Sincerely, Hanna
    Hanna's previous blogging history at


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