March 13, 2015

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party Post: Indoors and Outdoors

This is a long one! The weather has had everyone cooped up in their houses so you get to see a lot of what I do when when I'm stuck in for days: mostly cleaning, organizing, writing.

Civil War Reenactor

You know it's cold when you are wearing two pairs of horrible wool reenactor socks to do stretches.

After three times of trying to reinstall this shelf, I finally got it in. The shelf did fall on my arm 2 of the 3 times and is still hurt.

Civil War Reenactor

I can't remember where I heard about this but I was advised to date the books on my "To Read" List and if I hadn't gotten to them in a year, I should just pass them on to someone else. Don't do this. It will make you feel like you accomplish nothing. :D The problem with my To Read List is that it grows and I definitely don't get to them in order. 

That moment when you are wrapped up in your favorite blanket, about to go to bed, and you realize you look like you're going to the opera.

If you didn't see enough snow last post, we just keep getting more and more of it.

Attempted yoga. I'm not good at it and it was a bad idea with my hurt wrist.

The drive on the way to work was slush covered and my car had some fun.

The snow got increasingly worse over the next day.

This was around 4 PM but the snow continued all night.

A few days after the snow, the weather became strangely warm.

We had a 50 degree day and decided to venture out for a walk. The snow melted completely at Valley Forge where it looks like they might be getting ready to build some new cabins.

Civil War Ball Dance

I have been working with the Chester Historical Preservation Committee to host a ball that will benefit a historical church and trolley car. It's been a lot of work but it will be worth it! If anyone is interested in attending, I would love to hang out with you.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and looking forward to spring!


  1. Yeah, this weather has been crazy. Love your pictures and I love your selfie. I wish my fleece blanket made me look like I was going to the opera!


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