September 16, 2014

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation Civil War Event 2014

I have been missing all week, but that is a post for another time! On Sunday, I helped out with the Civil War event at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation in Media, Pennsylvania. This is my home event and I was sad to only be able to help out one of the two days.

For those of you who have never been to the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation, the farm is beautiful and is the perfect spot for a time traveling trip. It's a gorgeous backdrop for a Civil War event. The farm house and surrounding buildings bring farmhouse life to life and the spectators stand so close, that they are really a part of the action.  

The guys in the stripey pants are recreating Wheat's Louisiana Tigers, a battalion of ruffians and dockworkers. These guys do a great job at events. It's always fun to see them. It was overall a beautiful day and event and I was glad to get out there for at least one of the two days. 


  1. So cool!! These pictures are awesome, Stephanie!!

  2. I love it when I read a blog post from someone I have never met, and recognize a friend in the pictures! This looked like a fun event, and your photos are great!


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