August 13, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post # 26

This is my favorite time of year but it is going by so fast. I always like how after the main rush at the beginning of fall there was a lull. I feel like I am missing the lull as I am swooped up in all these new transitions. I am hoping to get these posts back on track soon. 



Milk accident in the spring house.


Pumpkin, banana, cranberry cornbread. Surprisingly delicious.


It's finally berry picking season!


Saw a fishing spider at work. I've seen one of these once before and no one believed me about how big it was. I'm afraid of spiders but just had to catch a photo of this one. They eat small bugs and fish.



Stormy night. 


Learning to dye cloth using madder root. It looked red in the pot but dyed the fabric a nice pink.


 Part of the Native American feast cooked for summer camp.


Andy made dinner. Pesto and angel hair pasta.


  1. At first glance the milk accident looks like thick ice.

    Ooh, that dinner in the last picture looks tasty.

    1. Thanks! It was sort of funny, that was the second time in the same week the same girl dropped and shattered a jar of milk and cream.

  2. I agree with Andrew, I thought it was ice at first glance! The dying of wool looked neat as well. Andy's cooking creation looked yummy as well!

  3. I shed lots of tears during the week of our wedding over the weather. But our ceremony turned out to be the most beautiful and romantic ceremony.


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