May 10, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post 17

This week had beautiful weather and I was lucky enough to get to enjoy a lot of it. I had time to take lots of photos since the weather was cooperating. I hope everyone is spending a lot of time outdoors. 



Andy and I took his new car out for the first time and saw this awesome rainbow!


Some of the millions of Pineapple Upside Down Cakes that I helped make.


Still one more baby yet to be born.


Tadpoles swimming in all of the newly formed ponds thanks to last week's rainstorms.


The trees are raining flower petals.


Helped out at the Art4MS Art show. This takes two photos so you can see what was going on a few minutes before the event began.


The pigs are getting big but are still running around with their ears flapping in the wind.


Bizarre bubbles in my dish water today.


  1. I really like the two sky pictures and the bubble pattern. I've never seen bubbles like that before.

    And those pineapple upside down cakes still look delicious. :)

  2. Those bubbles look neat! Great pictures!

    I spent last week planning my trip and looking at apartments. I have two in mind and hope they check out. :)

    1. I hope your trip goes well and the apartments are nice.


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