April 1, 2014

Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party: Post 13

"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart. The nearer I approach the end, the plainer I hear around me the immortal symphonies of the worlds which invite me.” -Victor Hugo

This week was bizarre. Instead of snow, we had pounding rain. We also had beautiful days. This week was a week of change. Spring is definitely among us. Everyone is awake and outdoors.


Got to make a really fun cake at work. I didn't design it, just made it. It was a lot of fun.



Smoke in the woods.


I don't write from a chair, I write from an old milk can that stays under my desk.


Finished sewing the signatures of a book I starting working on back in October. It's about time. :)


Spring is on it's way, the early flowers are poking their heads through the earth.


Went for a walk in the park in between the rain. The temperature was a nice 60 degrees though.

I've been having a lot of problems posting lately. Firefox doesn't seem to want to work at all. I was thinking of switching to Chrome but have really liked Firefox in all of the years that I've used it. I'm going to try uninstalling it and installing again so maybe it won't be such a hassle to get blogger to work. Have other bloggers been having problems?'

I can't wait for the summer, I got my first taste of spending all day outdoors, yesterday. It was glorious.


  1. I am glad the weather is changing. I'm hoping to get to spend a lot of time outside with you soon. :)

    The camera is taking lovely pictures for you. :)

  2. What was up with that fire? Controlled burns or someone's chimney?

    Like you, I use Firefox but I've had no problems with Blogger. What have been your exact troubles with posting?

    1. It was controlled but its always scary to see that. It won't let me insert photos.


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