February 15, 2014

Record Breaking in 2014: Secret Life of Bloggers Blogparty, Post 7

 February is normally the time when people are done with winter and ready for a bit of spring. Normally, we are a bit antsy for a view of green buds or a day where we can spend all day outside. But this year we are dying for a day we can spend one hour outside that doesn't involve shoveling!

The polar vortex has every sick of winter! This season is actually recording breaking for the area. Being 4 degrees in NYC broke  a record set in 1898 of 6 degrees. 4 degrees in Philadelphia broke the record of previously degrees. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and even Tennessee now have new coldest temperature records. Horah for being historic! Even if it's driving us crazy.  

In addition, tourism to Israel has just hit an all time high. There's probably some sort of correlation.


Getting all of the baked goods ready for Valentine's Day. Is it wrong to want an industrial sink where all of the strainers and appliances fit perfectly, making it really efficient to get things done?


My sister and I curled up on the sofa and watched the most horrible movie. Sherlock Holmes and dinosaurs?


Used my day off to get some sewing done.


I'm starting to think that living in Canada wouldn't be that bad. I like Canada but I never thought I could take the snow.  


I baked way too many cookies!


After the crazy power outages at work last week, we had another one today. The weather was rain, snow and ice. Very few people showed up at work.


Finished for Valentine's Day.

I hope everyone has had a good week and has not been shoveling too frequently. In other news, I hear there's more snow today. 


  1. Nice pictures! Even the Midwest is getting hammered... again, breaking records. Crazy.

    Hey, do you quilt?

    1. Thanks, I know! The snow is getting ridiculous! I don't quilt although I have tried many times before. For some reason I just don't have the precision that is needed to make pretty patterns.

  2. Living in Canada is pretty good, despite the snow. There are lots of snowplows to deal with the snow, sanders to keep it from getting too slippery and decent sales on boots and coats to keep one warm :) Lots of other benefits too, though this time of year, spring is on everyone's minds.
    Gosh, your Valentine's baking looks awfully yummy!

    1. I liked Canada when I was there but didn't think I'd like being cold all of the time. It was snowing in April and that only happens here very rarely. I was young and didn't think to bring warmer clothes. :)

  3. *tsk* There's no such thing as baking too many cookies. ;)


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