July 2, 2013

Packing For GAC Gettysburg

I'll be attending GAC Gettysburg. Years ago, when I first started reenacting, my group decided Gettysburg as an event wasn't worth it. Gettysburg was expensive, treated the reenactors like paid performers and expected a little too much from people who were paying to participate. The event seemed intended to wow the crowds of high paying spectators and the money wasn't being used to fund any sort of preservation or educational goal.

But, they promised we could do the 150th event just so we could see waves of soldiers and the sounds of thousands of guns echoing. I was looking forward to getting to see reenactors from all over the world, reportedly 48 countries represented. So this year, we were all excited to see the event of the century.

Except, what we found was that it was two events. I had heard of the other event in the past but it didn't really seem like a huge reenacting destination. But this year reenacting groups were asking the question "Which Gettysburg?"

Great, now all of our friends will be torn between two events and we won't get to see everyone unless everyone does both events. But we all knew that would never happen as not everyone has that kind of vacation time or money. These events are expensive, costing nearly $100 a couple, not including gas and food.

With the BGA Gettysburg event last weekend, the reviews seem mixed. But I don't think we can expect the same things of mega events as we do normal ones. It seems that a lot of people are still going to the GAC Gettysburg as well.  

I have never been to an event this big but am pretty sure what to expect. Overcrowding, mile walks to bathrooms, lack of wood, water and ice. Not to forget the multiple battles with ridiculously boring scenery, fighting in the parking lots, fighting in traffic, etc. I know what I'm in for. But I am still looking forward to seeing people going to this event. Is anyone going?     


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