December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

This year has gone by so fast! So much has happened this past year that I feel like I have finally stepped off and my life is still spinning without me. I'm still trying to get back to a normal routine and waiting for everything to settle down. I can't believe student teaching and the holidays are over already.

I'm actually looking forward to the cold snowy days ahead where I'll be forced to stay in my house and slow down and catch up with everyone. 

So this New Year's I'm planning to do something fun that I've always meant to but never got around to doing. I love finding an old CD and remembering the year in which it was my favorite thing to listen to. Now that everything is digital, I hope to recreate that feeling by making a playlist of my top 25 most listened to songs of 2012.

Itunes already has a top 25 Most Played smart playlist. It's simple enough to make it a separate 2012 playlist before it adapts to the new year. I'll probably write a list of the songs and artists in my journal just for posterity. After I do that, I'm going to reset the play count on my songs back to 0 so as not to skew next year's counts. So here's this year's playlist, pleasure songs and all:

Top 25 Most Played


1. The Rocky Road to Dublin- The Dubliners
2. Across the Universe of Time- Hayley Westerna
3. Wuthering Heights- Hayley Westerna
4. Simple Day- Poe the Musical
5. Out Tonight- RENT
6. Straw Hat and Dirty Old Hank- Barenaked Ladies
7. Good- Better than Ezra
8. James Connolly - Black 47
9. Maiden Jane- Hesperus
10. Safe and Sound- Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars
11. Fire Marengo- Johnny Collins
12. Maui- Johnny Collins
13. If I Could be a Writer- Poe the Musical
14. Time to Say Goodbye- Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman
15. Fortunate Son- Creedence Clearwater Revival 
16. Murder- Bheegey Hont
17.  Have You Seen Me Lately (live)- Counting Crows
18. Le Ballet D'or- Counting Crows
19. All That I've Got- The Used
20. Alejandro- Lady Gaga
21. Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye
22. Some Nights- Fun
23. Too Close- Alex Clare
24. The Kiss- Last of the Mohicans
25. Erin Gra Mo Chroi

I would be extremely interested in seeing the top twenty-five lists of everyone. Leave a comment with your top 25 most played songs of 2012 or feel free to post on your blog and link to it. I know you probably don't want to include those guilty pleasure songs, but you really should (and if you don't, make sure you include it in your private playlist.) :)

Happy New Year everyone!  


  1. These songs are not necessarily from 2012 (or even this decade) but all of these helped me with my writing.

    1. Two Steps From Hell - Archangel
    2. MANOWAR - King of Kings
    3. Avantasia - The Seven Angels
    4. Aaron Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man
    5. Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise (from 1492: Conquest of Paradise soundtrack)
    6. Mitch Murder - Montage (Retro Wave independent artist by Rosso Corsa Records label)
    7. Miami Nights 1984 - On the Run (Retro Wave)
    8. Mitch Murder - Remember When
    9. Blind Guardian - Fly
    10. Two Steps From Hell - Archangel
    11. Two Steps From Hell - United We Stand, Divided We Fall
    12. Two Steps From Hell - Freedom Fighters
    13. Immediate Music - Serenata
    14. Enya - Book Of Days
    15. Jo Blankenburg - Garador's Flight
    16. Edguy - Hymn (Ultravox Cover)
    17. Kamelot - Abandoned
    18. Lazerhawk - Arrival
    19. Chris Blackwell - Song of Heroes
    20. Dream Theater - The Glass Prison
    21. Two Steps from Hell - Heart of Courage
    22. MANOWAR - Hymn to the Immortal Warrior
    23. Iced Earth - Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
    24. Alaska Highway - Even Angels Have to Die
    25. The Cruxshadows - Eye of the Storm

    1. Heavy on the Manowar. :) A lot of mine aren't from this year but it's what I've been listening to.

  2. Here's mine, in no particular order :-)

    1. Enchanted - Taylor Swift
    2. Whiskey in the Jar - Dubliners
    3. Step It Out Mary - High Kings
    4. Red Is The Rose - High Kings
    5. Livin' Our Love Song - Jason Michael Carrol
    6. Forever Young - Fun
    7. Falling Slowly - Once Soundtrack
    8. I'm Only Me When I'm With You - Taylor Swift
    9. Fields of Athenry - High Kings
    10. Sparks Fly - Taylor Swift
    11. There You'll Be - Faith Hill
    12. Where I'm From - Jason Michael Carrol
    13. Time In A Bottle - Jim Croce
    14. Starlight - Taylor Swift
    15. Through My Own Eyes - Liberty's Kids soundtrack
    16. Dust in the Wind - Kansas
    17. Green Fields of France - High Kings
    18. Shores of Russia - Vitas
    19. Fields of Glory - High Kings
    20. Cold December Night - Michael Buble
    21. The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra
    22. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Michael Buble
    23. Lamentation of Turlough O'Carolan - John Doan
    24. Star - Vitas
    25. Dust In The Wind - Kansas

  3. And in keeping with the spirit of this blog and my blog, here's my top 25 favorite Civil War-related songs of all time!

    1. Fife and Gun (Gettysburg Soundtrack)
    2. Going Home (Mary Fahl for Gods & Generals)
    3. Main Title (Gettysburg Soundtrack)
    4. Opening Theme (Glory Sountrack)
    5. Gettysburg 1863 Part I: The Devil to Pay (by Iced Earth. Album: The Glorious Burden)
    6. Gettysburg 1863 Part II: Hold at All Costs (By Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden)
    7. Gettysburg 1863 Part III: High Water Mark (Iced Earth - The Glorious Burden)

    and now with the obvious ones aside, the real 1860's camp songs:

    8. Battle Hymn of the Republic (performed by a church choir)

    9. Battle Cry of Freedom (sung by soldiers while marching)
    10. Richmond is a Hard Road (Performed by the 2nd SC String Band) Really funny lyrics!
    11. Shove That Pigs Foot a Little Closer to the Fire (Perf. by Susquehanna Travelers)
    12. We Are Coming Father Abraham
    13. Tramp Tramp Tramp (The Boys are Marching)
    14. My Father's Gun (David Kincaid from the Irish Volunteer)
    15. Rising of the Moon (perf. by Susquehanna Travelers)

    ...and for the last ten, fife and drum songs. (from my CD of the Camp Chase Fifes and Drums)

    16. We Are Coming Father Abraham
    17. Captain Mackintosh
    18. British Grenadiers
    19. The Croquette/ Grandfather's Clock
    20. Darling Nellie Grey
    21. Go to the Devil & Shake Yourself
    22. Hail to the Chief
    23. Sailor's Hornpipe
    24. Hell on the Wabash

    And an amusing little song written by somebody

    25. "Pull Like You're Pulling a Frenchman Off Your Mother"


  4. I love Better Than Ezra's "Good"!!


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