}); World Turn'd Upside Down: Just Checking In

November 12, 2012

Just Checking In

I feel like we missed most of the Fall and Winter came on too suddenly. I already find myself securely fastened in heavy blankets, reluctantly exposing my hands to do work.The fog today and last night was pretty crazy. It was hard to see even a few feet in front of yourself.

My time student teaching will soon come to an end; which is both sad and exciting. I really like the school that I am at and the community there, so it will be sad to leave. However, I will really enjoy the break from the constant stress that I get, not from teaching, but all the extra work that school has been putting on us. Make no mistake: teaching is hard. I wish I could devote more time to preparation for my classes and less time typing up useless paperwork for college. There really is a limit to how many hours a day your brain can work before you go completely nuts.

This is a scary time too. Who knows what is next? A new job? Graduate school?  No idea. I'll keep everyone posted.


  1. Tomorrow scares you but I tell you God is with you and will be there for you. Thinking of tomorrow is always scary but God will be there. :)

    Hope everything goes well

  2. I hear you, I have no idea what the future holds either. :\ I have to agree with Delvalina... God is with us and it is in our hands. I graduate next Fall and I hope to move to Wisconsin if money allows.


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