August 7, 2012

Knitted Beret

I finally got some modern knitting done! I'm always excited for modern knitting because I work with period yarns a lot and after awhile the selection is pretty boring.

I was so excited to finish that I threw it on and took some photos. Now that I am looking at them, I really should have changed out of my pajamas and put something nice on.

It's pretty from the back, it forms a intricate looking star pattern but it ended up being pretty easy.

Side view of the beret.

This project was great because it only required a small ball of cotton. I choose a cream color like the original pattern purely for the fact that I wanted to be able to wear this with a lot of different outfits. up close the cotton has tiny little black specs. I liked that I could wear this one in the summer and into the fall.  

Close-up view of the pattern.

This pattern can be downloaded for free from Ravelry at Spring Beret.

If you don't have a Ravelry account they might make you sign up, but it's free and worth it to see everyone's projects and comments. I know reading the comments on there saved me from a lot of frustration and stitch-ripping.


  1. LOVE the beret! It makes me wish that I could knit.

    1. Knitting is really easy once you learn the basics. There are only a few basic stitches and everything else is a combination of them. You should definitely try to learn!

  2. So lovely! Great job, it looks great against your hair, too!

    1. Thanks Sophia! I was considering putting all of my hair up in the beret but chose to leave it down.

  3. Only just seen this. I think the beret looks great! It suits you. :)


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