July 21, 2012

World War II Weekend at Joanna Furnace

This weekend is a WWII event at Joanna Furnace in PA.  I don’t typically go to WWII events but this one promises to be a good weekend.

WWII Reenactor
Joanna at night.

Joanna Furnace is a beautiful iron furnace that was established in 1792 and shut its doors in 1901. This weekend it will be transformed into the 1940s, complete with 150 reenactors representing a variety of units and impressions. Highlights include live music, a fashion show, 2 dozen military vehicles and fascinating guest speakers counting WWII veterans and a concentration camp survivor. It will be a fun event for those that can make it out.

The event is tomorrow (7/21/12) from 7am-10pa  and Sunday (7/22/12) from 7am-3pm. For more information visit the Hay Creek Vally Historical Association Website.


  1. You told me about that WWII thing months ago and it totally slipped my mind! What a messed up year it's been. I would have enjoyed this, I just looked up Joanna Furnace and it's about as far away as Reading. A day trip. We'll have to go there and tour the place sometime even if they aren't hosting a reenacting event. :) Do you like it there ?

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