March 12, 2012

Night Trip: David Kincaid at Godrey Daniels

Sunday night Andy and I had the opportunity to see the famous David Kincaid live at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem, PA. Godfrey Daniels, an ex-doughnut shop turned hip little coffee house was the perfect setting with rustic wood paneling, broadsides and folk instruments lining the walls and warm low lighting casting an intimate ambiance onto tiny tea tables. Godfrey's has been a non-profit organization since 1978 and continues to foster and promote folk music.

David Kincaid, most well known in the historical community for his musical role in Gods and Generals gave a stellar solo performance accompanied by himself on mandolin. He played a mix of songs mostly from his first (and obsessively catchy) cd, The Irish Volunteer but also played some songs from his, equally as good, "Irish-American's Song," and finished the night with The New York Volunteer which can be heard on his live Album " David Kincaid and the Brandos " and is purportedly to be released on the next studio album. Some musicians don't live up to live performances; David Kincaid is not one of them. His live work is just as captivating and engaging as his studio stuff. It was such a good performance, we were so excited and the crowd was lively.

Want it for St. Patrick's Day? "Irish-American's Song" is available for download from Itunes.

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  1. That's really cool. Thanks for posting the videos. I'll definitely have to check him out. :)


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