January 30, 2012

A Letter of Introduction: Dispatches from Company 'Q'

I have the pleasure of introducing my readers to a new blog by a seasoned blogger and writer, Jeff B. of the 2nd Delaware Volunteer Infantry. He's currently writing a Civil War based blog that focuses on the military side of reenacting and history.

For those of you who do not know Jeff, he is a Northern cousin of my Southern Civil War persona. In his real life he is a photographer, artist and writer. He has always had an interest in history.    

He just started reenacting last year and is still learning but is anxious to share his knowledge with  newer recruits. He has been doing a lot of good research and I expect to see some great contributions in the future.

His blog was half intended to be a companion blog to mine, covering the areas of reenacting that I don't cover as often, but I have no doubt that it will stand on its own. it's nice to think of them as "sibling sites."

Dispatches from Company 'Q.'

*****A word of caution to my younger and lady readers: My cousin Jeffery has been spending much of his time around soldiers and has picked up quite a few ungentlemanly habits, such as foul language. Please skip his blog if it offends you.   

Please check out his blog and don't forget to snag his blog buttons:


  1. I'm following Mr. Jeff's blog! It seems really interesting, and a great resource/place of discussion for us reenactors :) I'm also working with one of my professors who is a reenactor to become more "hardcore" and do some major defarbing, so this new blog I'm sure will be a great supplement! P.S. have you ever heard of the Virginia Housewife? It is a cookbook that was written in 1824. I'm using it for a class and thought you'd be interested in it! It's great. Hope you're having a nice end of January!

  2. Will read! I'm interested in both the military and the civilian aspects of the war.

  3. Just backtracked in Stephanie's posts and found Mary's comment. I hope to kindle some serious discussion on my page as well. I do thank you for commenting on some of my posts and look forward to hearing more lively discussion about how I can make my own site better. :)

  4. I also started two new blogs about my WW2 grandparents, my Dad's father was a G.I. in the Army and my Mom's father was a sailor on board a submarine, one of the scariest jobs I can imagine. Both have pretty fascinating stories of their own that were never told to us kids. Join me as I do my best to piece their 1940's lives back together from whatever records they left behind.




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