August 10, 2011

25 Things You Didn't Know About Me

 This meme is about as old as the internet but I have never done it and I thought it would be fun.

1. I have recorded in Elvis’ RCA studio in Nashville, TN.

2. I have gone over a waterfall without a boat, like they do in movies. You will scratch your back up, but it is worth it.

3. I crave “normal” knitting patterns. Making historical items is fun but working with 100% wool is expensive and limiting.

4. I held a baby chimpanzee once.

5. I used to like Harry Potter this much:

10 points to anyone who questioned that this ended.

6. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween my favorite holiday.

 7. I love to cook but my family will not even taste anything that I cook.

8. Andy and I don’t know when our anniversary is. It’s sometime in September about 4 years ago. Around September 26th or 27th each year, we pick a day on the weekend that is good for both of us and celebrate on that day.

9. I think Valentine’s Day is stupid but I celebrate it anyway. It gives Andy and me an excuse to spoil each other rotten.

10. When I can’t sleep, I read the Federalist Papers.

11. I don’t like fiction all that much. 90% of what I read is nonfiction and the rest is Harry Potter (just kidding.)The rest tends to be classics. I do read a few children’s historical fiction books so I know what the children I teach have read about the Colonial and Civil War time periods.

12. I love thunderstorms, they are so relaxing.

13. Sometimes I read Cotton Mather’s, The Wonders of the Invisible World and am too scared to sleep. Scary stuff:

a. “For Instance, John Cool: testifi'd, That about five or six Years ago, one Morning, about Sun-Rise, he was in his Chamber assaulted by the Shape of this Prisoner [Bridget Bishop]: which look'd on him, grinn'd at him, and very much hurt him with a Blow on the side of the Head: and that on the same day, about Noon, the same Shape walked in the Room where he was, and an Apple strangely flew out of his Hand, into the Lap of his Mother, six or eight Foot from him.”

b. “VI. Samuel Gray testifi'd, That about fourteen Years ago, he wak'd on a Night, and saw the Room where he lay full of Light; and that he then saw plainly a Woman between the Cradle, and the Bed-side, which look'd upon him. He rose, and it vanished; tho' he found the Doors all fast. Looking out at the Entry-door, he saw the same Woman, in the same Garb again; and said, In God's Name, what do you come for? He went to Bed, and had the same Woman again assaulting him. The Child in the Cradle gave a great Screech, and the Woman disappeared. It was long before the Child could be quieted; and tho' it were a very likely thriving Child, yet from this time it pined away, and, after divers Months, died in a sad Condition. He knew not Bishop, nor her Name; but when he saw her after this, he knew by her Countenance, and Apparel, and all Circumstances, that it was the Apparition of this Bishop, which had thus troubled him.”

14. I never spell check the titles of my blog posts which is why a lot of them have huge spelling errors. I type them fast and forget to check them.

15. I love books to the point it was necessary to switch to ebooks because I honestly did not have room for any more.

16. I am a vegetarian.

17. My favorite food is “Noodles and Spinach” made by my grandmother. It is pretty much macaroni and cheese with spinach and sweet onions in it.

18. I don’t believe college degrees mean much in terms of ability to do a job. There are plenty of intelligent, competent, creative and talented people who never went to college.

19. I am addicted to Chinese Food, especially steamed vegetable dumplings. I love “trashy American” Chinese food as well as traditional.

20. I think corsets are comfier than bras. Which is why I think it is hilarious when people put on a corset and declare “I can’t breathe!” like they do in the movies.

21. I believe in doing what you love now, instead of waiting for recognition. a. You might not be a famous clothing designer now. But you are a clothing designer, don’t wait until you are well known to start designing clothing or you never will. I also don’t think you should title yourself as an “aspiring clothing designer” when you actually are a clothing designer by definition.

22. I love animals, especially bunnies.

23. I don’t really like watching movies. When I do watch movies, I have to be doing something else or I get incredibly bored. I normally knit, sew, draw or write.

24. I didn’t feel that this blog was established, until the day I found out that other sites stole material from it.

25. I dislike it when blogs supply their own music that plays automatically. If you have more than one blog open, this gets really annoying as you scroll to find the little off buttons to turn all of the music off. It is even more annoying if you are listening to your own music already. I think it would be cool to have a music widget there, with your favorite songs to read by that allows your readers to click and listen to your playlist if they want to.

26. I found out I am allergic to peanut butter while I was writing this list and had an allergic reaction which closed my throat. (I’m okay!)

If you think this was fun, do it on your blog, or in a comment on this blog. It’s fun to get to know everyone!


  1. Oh! I'm sorry about the peanuts! Definitely familiar with *that* allergy!

    This was a fun post!

  2. Okay, I'll do a few for you here - - - -

    1. I absolutely LOVE fast food. I know it's not good for me, but I love it.
    2. There are times that I have such a want to leave the 21st century that I feel I could explode!
    3. I don't fear death but I do fear old age.
    4. The Beatles: if I had no other music other than the complete Beatles collection I would be very happy (although I do love other music and artists).
    5. I wish autumn would last two months longer and winter and summer one month shorter each.
    6. I used to wish that my kids would remain the same age - not grow up - until I realized if that were to happen then they would miss out on what my wife and I have, and that would be a shame.
    7. Except when I am reenacting, my style of clothing - t-shirt and jeans - has not changed in nearly 40 years. Yes, I am older than people think.
    8. I am fascinated by all things historical, especially American history. Of course, you knew this, didn't you?
    9. But you didn't know that as a child I used to be afraid of nearly everything...I overcame those fears when I decided life held too much promise and fun.
    10. Although I have guy friends, I have more in common with women than I do with most men.
    11. One of my all-time favorite books, which I still read to this day, is "The Ghost of Dibble Hollow" followed closely by "The Cabin Faced West."
    12. I think the Our Gang comedies are perhaps the greatest collection of shorts ever put to film. They show life in the 1930's better than anything else.
    13. I am writing a time-travel story. You may or may not have heard.
    14. I am descended from a long line of Quakers. I am now a Catholist - a cross between a Catholic and a Baptist.
    15. I am very political but choose to keep most of my opinions off the internet.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. I finally did one of these myself! :)

  4. OK I am stealing yer Idea'r. Check my blog in the next few days.

  5. I'm doing it for sure on my blog! :D

  6. I look forward to reading everyone's lists!

  7. I agree 100% with #18. Because the smartest and most clever man I ever met was my grandfather, who had only an 8th grade education and no high school diploma.

    He was drafted into the Army during World War II and got himself promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant before he even completed basic training. He was involved more in the tactical and strategic aspects of the war like making maps and coordinating his men to carry out orders, and hardly had to fight. He was too valuable. He got a Bronze Star and a good conduct medal and was honorably discharged.

    After 1945 he quickly got a full time job making picture frames in a frame store for at least 20 years, taught himself carpentry and how to stretch canvas, and became an oil painter in his retirement. He used to invent and build things out of wood that I had never seen anyone try to make before. he never had a lot of money, but what he had he was very careful with and lived comfortably.

    He also fathered my Dad, who paid his own way through 9 years of college and is now a PhD. He now makes a lot of money as a research chemist but he definitely worked hard for it. His first college job was in a box factory tearing apart wooden shipping crates.

    Together, they are the smartest men I have ever had the privilege of knowing and being related to.

    I am taking after my grandfather. I pursued a 4-year degree in the non-rewarding field of art, and after failing to find any jobs in my field, used my creativity to discover two talents I never knew I had as a student: photography and writing. I have now published a 200-page book and one of my photographs won 2nd place in a worldwide contest.

    Proof that a college degree isn't everything.

    -A 'Yankee' friend

  8. Yay! Finally a comment from my Yankee friend. My blog is so pro-Confederate that a Yankee comment makes me look less biased. :D

    You should do a list of 25 things on your blog. Actually, I think you should start a new blog. You are always working on interesting things. It might be helpful to keep a compilation of them.


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