May 17, 2011

New Market Battle Reenactment 2011

Some Lovely Ladies
New Market has a reputation of being a wet event--so much so that it is generally referred to as "Mud Market." With a forecast of  thunderstorms all weekend we suffered the five hour trek with the intention of trying to have as much fun as possible.

The first night we encountered only drizzles and the morning was lovely. In the middle of the day, the men said their last goodbyes and tramped off into the distance. With clouds overhead, the entire area seemed to start baking. Steam rolled off the  grass and we were left with humidity so high that it felt degrees hotter than in really was. I went on an expedition to find some ice. None could be found, which left me stumbling back to my tent, where I took a nap until after the battle to escape the high heat of midday.Many times it is to hot to want to cook or to even think about food.

The battle of New Market is most well known for the VMI cadets that fought along with the Confederate Army. This reenactment is on the original battlefield and the modern VMI cadets play a big part in hosting the event. After the actual battle, the field was dubbed the "Field of Lost Shoes," due to the large percentage of men who lost their shoes in the mud there while fighting. We escaped this muddy existence that is characteristic of New Market until we were packing up to leave and the rain fell in buckets.

It really is a fun event and its beautiful scenery gets overshadowed by the messy mud that the reenactment is known for. There is a house on the property that was used at the time for a hospital. There is also a blacksmith shop with a working blacksmith and other interesting buildings. The field also is host to a museum which displays weapons, uniforms and dioramas depicting the battle. It is nice getting a chance to see period uniforms up close.

Pictures from the Event:

Note*- I wish I could identify these ladies in the photo at the top. I don't like posting close-up photos of people without their permission. In the reenacting community it is normal for us to end up on the internet and in publications from spectators and other reenactors. The photo on the top was just too picturesque not to use.


  1. What an amazing experience... "Field of Lost Shoes," my oh my!

    (I believe I would have died stone dead from the heat)
    Your pictures are GREAT Thank You ;-D

    Many Blessings Linnie

  2. It really was. The scenery is beautiful there.

  3. I agree that the photo of the ladies is too good not to post - I'm glad you did.
    And, as living historians, we post things respectfully.
    Anyhow, this reenactment sounds like one I would enjoy. Thanks for the post!

  4. Yes I too enjoyed the picture of the ladies. Actually all the pictures made me wish i could have been at this place. Looked like fun.

  5. Thanks Jodi, Ken and "savories!" It really is a pretty place if you can escape the rain.

  6. I have always wanted to attend a Civil War reenactment. Thanks for the wonderful photos.

  7. Ohh, and we had to miss it. New Market was our families first event and we always enjoyed it, even with the rain, mud and muck. So glad you had a good time.


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