}); World Turn'd Upside Down: Free Way to Help the Civil War (Preservation) Trust and Other Charities

April 18, 2011

Free Way to Help the Civil War (Preservation) Trust and Other Charities

Some of you may know about Goodsearch but for those of you that don't: Goodsearch is a search engine that has found sponsors to donates $0.01 every time you search. While I personally do not think that the search results are as helpful as google's, Goodsearch has the added benefit of helping a charity as well as other ways to donate money. If you go to the Goodsearch website before you go shopping online, certain online stores will donate a certain percentage of your purchase price to the charity that you choose. Stores include Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Ebay, Itunes, JC Penny's, Petsmart and more. The percentages that they donate may not seem like a lot but how many things are now purchased online?

Some of the Charities on Goodsearch you can donate to:

  • Civil War Trust (Type in CWPT)
  • Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation
  • Ladies Hermitage Association (Andrew Jackson's House in TN.)
  • Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)
  • Friends of Valley Forge Park
  • Friends of Brandywine Battlefield
Even though $0.01 might not seem like a lot of money, if 2,000 people search 10 things a day using it, it equals $200. If they search 10 things every day, it is $73,000 a year! I have been told that reenactors number in the tens of thousands.  

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