February 1, 2011

Alternative Knitted Sontag Patterns

The major complain I hear about the Knitted Sontag from Godey's Lady's Book is that EVERYONE has the same one (however cute they are.) I've found two rarer patterns that I have never seen anyone wear.

What is fortunate about the first sontag pictured here is that this pattern might actually make a medium sized sontag. It also calls for a crochet border which is lucky for those of you who know how to crochet.

The second pattern, while a little awkward looking at first, really could look cute with a Civil War Era dress. The pattern was made for beginners which is really good and also details a little about knitting needles of the time, different yarns and how to knit. It has imitation ermine spots just like the popular Godey's pattern. This pattern seems like it would make a small sontag as the patten was made for younger girls. I would suggest making one the same size in the directions (and give it to a young girl) and make written notes while you knit of where you need to make adjustments to make one your size.  The "elastic band" mentioned is probably referring to "elastic knitting," according to the pictures. Elastic did exist but was only used for accessories. The elastic knitting referenced below is a modern day "Brioche Stitch," and you much cast on a number of stitches divisible by 3 or it will not work.

You might be wondering whatever happened to my Sontag. I am still waiting to buy new yarn. I need one more skein of green yards but refuse to spend that much to ship one skein of yarn. So I am waiting until I have a new project so I can combine shipping. It's been so cold lately, I wish I would finish it just so I can wear it around the house!  


  1. Thanks for these links! I have been looking for more sontag patterns! I really appreciate the research you have done.

    I love the new look of your blog too! It looks great!

  2. Thank you for these! I guess I'll stick to the old one (to practice a much needed stick-to-what-you've-begun attitude), but it's great to see what else was used. :-)
    Oh yes, and I finally have the new circular needles that I so badly needed for the sontag. They didn't have them in the local shop, and I decided to stick to the local shop, from a support-your-local-business attitude. :-)
    But I'll have to finish loads of other things before I start the sontag again.

  3. I like the first pattern too. I've just found another one that crosses over the front but is tied around the waist with a silk ribbon.

    I am happy that you are supporting the local shops. The particular area I like in does not do this and then gets upset when the places go out of business.

  4. looking for a sontag pattern that crosses in the front, buttons in the back under a v-shaped cape

  5. I have seen very simple triangular shawl shaped patterns that fold over in the front and tie in the back. If you did not tuck in the back, it would look like a v shaped cape.


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