May 3, 2010

The Neshaminy Event : 100% Success

The Neshaminy Event was gruelingly hot. Seagulls cawed overhead while the smell of salt water wafted through our camps. As we bent over our fire to heat water for cleaning dishes, we ladies could hear the low rumbles of cannon fire and the sharp pops of rifles coming from the woods. The sun was too hot so we agreed to forgo the dishes and dragged our chairs under the shade of an oak tree. Too hot to move, we sat with our heads bowed in our hot skirts wondering how the men were, in their wool coats, running in the woods carrying their heavy guns and ammunition packs.
            “They will be miserable,” we groaned.

  A little after all firing had ceased, the men stumbled into camp at a slight run. They dropped their packs and tore apart the meat we had for making sandwiches. Exhausted and excited the men reported that our company was finally large enough to be its own company and they did not have to join up with another one, a large feat!

Andy then relayed that he got to be acting corporal! A short-lived rise in the ranks, but a rise nonetheless. :D I congratulated Andy and told him that I was happy about his new position as it would also move up my ‘position’ in Civil War Era society. Then I poured some water over his head. :D It was happily accepted.        

We ended the night with a walk on the beach. There was a ball going on and we could hear the music, but those affairs are stuffy and boisterous. We sat on a bench overlooking the water and talked. Neshaminy Park really is very beautiful and relaxing. It was still a good event despite the heat (89 degrees.)

We also tried to make Soda Bread from this recipe. It was so hot out that even our serving utensils and pans, nowhere near the fire were hurting our hands to touch. We ended up burning it a little but the guys still devoured the whole of it before marching off to fight. By the time I realized I should have taken a picture of it, the bread was no more. It was a very fun event in a unique setting.                    


  1. That always happens to bread, doesn't it ;)

    It sounds like you had a fabulous time, and what a site to be reenacting at (despite the heat)!

  2. Glad you had a great time. Love the picture of you standing by the water, and the last pic of Andy looking contemplative. I'm glad the soda bread worked out. Sad to say we won't get to see you guys this Thursday, as my stepdad passed away this weekend. So my mom will be staying with us for a few days, and we have some family things to take care of with her. Hope to get together soon, though.

  3. Sophia, thanks for commenting, you haven't put a new post up on your blog in a while. :D We did have a very nice time.

  4. Jodi, I'm very sorry for your loss. If you need anything, let us know.

  5. That sounds like a wonderful spot to reenact Stephanie! I am glad you all had a great time despite the heat! We just got back from the Carol County reenactment in Maryland and it was humid and hot! But it was still a great weekend. Pictures coming soon on my blog. I love love love the beach photo of you!

  6. SinginginHisName, Thanks your commenting and for your complement. It was really beautiful. I'm so happy that reenacting season has started up again! I'll be checking your blog for photos. I love seeing everyone all dressed up.

  7. Aw Jodi, I hope you guys are all doing alright. If you need anything, as Steph said, let us know. We'll be thinking about you.

  8. Hullo,
    ' Haven't been here in a while and am enjoying perusing your archives! Very interesting, all of it. I love the photo of the woman by the water in this one. Lovely!


  9. I see in a previous comment that that is you? Whether you are the photographer of model, lovely picture! :)

  10. Everly Pleasant, Thanks for commenting. That's me in the photograph, Andy took it, he is in the bottom photograph. Thanks for visiting.

  11. Great photo's!
    I really want to make my way up to PA at some point...y'all have some great events!

  12. Mia, I hope you do. We only go to one southern event a year. Last year we went to Chickamauga.


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