January 29, 2010

Is Homemaking a Lost Art?

I have a whole weekend off (if you ignore copious amounts of homework)! I hope to do a lot of the housekeeping that I have been putting off. Anyone who has been in my room knows that it needs a cleaning badly! I love having a clean room, it helps me think better and feel better and it looks better (I’m sure there are a million reasons why a clean room is better than a messy one.) I also have this problem: if I put something away, I will not get around to finishing it (such as sewing, knitting drawing, homework and other projects.)

Homekeeping is an art that has to be perfected for many years. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting away years in school (which for everyone who is in college knows is a complete joke,) when I should be learning the art of homekeeping to be at least a little more prepared in the future. I know some awesome homemakers (check out Curious Acorn in the sidebar) that leave you in awe and some homemakers who haven’t quite gotten it all together or aren’t interested in providing a home for their family and while they consider themselves “homemakers” are rather more like “housekeepers.”

I am astonished at how coveted homemakers were up until recently—somewhere around the time that children started hitting their teachers and the average age of lost virginity became 16. Things that children do in school is appalling and if our parents had done these things when they were in school, they would have been hit. Many parents today are more interested in working to pay for nice things rather than nurture their children and raise them in a loving environment. I was saddened by this comment on this site when a homemaker asked “Have I wasted 20 years as a Homemaker?” and one response was “The question: have I wasted 20 years of my life as a home maker? The answer is YES. Have you spoken to your kids lately? Do they have any respect for you? Does your husband? Unless you have had a job or have worked, I hate to break the news to you, BUT no one respects you.” What job is harder than homemaking? It seems like a worthy aspiration so why is it so frowned upon in American society? 

*Note: The first etching is from The London and Country Cook or, Accomplished Housewife by Charles Carter in 1749. Those chores look like a lot more fun in that clothing. I especially like the small details such as the bee skeps, the drying herbs, the rotisserie chicken and the little kitten in the kitchen waiting to steal fish. It’s a really cute etching.

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  1. Thank you Steph, love you. I think you have all the makings of a great future homemaker. And as a homemaker for 28 years, I don't feel I've wasted a moment. Remember, "the handle that rocks the cradle rules the world." heh, heh


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