-Predicting the Weather in the 1700s 
-Colonial Rules for Children
-The Hessian: Easy English Country Dance for Children
-Colonial Game: How to Play Fives
-Colonial Game: How to Play Thread the Needle
-New England Primer, Colonial School in the Northeast
-Stinging Nettle: Plant with 1,000 Uses
-Colonial Garden Directions 1799
-Rue and Herb of Days Past
- 9 Colonial Herbs and Uses
- Witch Jugs and Witch Bottles
- How to Make Corn Husk Dolls


-Virginia Reel Dance Instructions and Sheet Music
-Hints for Servants 1859
-How to Set a Table for a Dinner Party 1876
-Etiquette for Gentlemen 1860
- Period Deodorants 1820, 1860s
-Winter in the 1860s
-Civil War Snowball Fights
-Fife and Tin Whistle Fingerings 
-1850s Street Etiquette 
- How Close are the Guns? How to Calculate How Close a Storm is. 1805 Tall Ship 
-1860s Dinner Invitations
-Language of Flowers 1856
- The Christmas Game Called "Plum Pudding"


Great Depression Paper Popper Tutorial


The Ugly Girl Papers: Beauty Advice from 1870
What Was Eaten at the First Thanksgiving?

Reenacting Interest


-Reenactor's Survival Kit
-What Did they Read During the Civil War?
-"A Soldier's Kit" --Advice from a Veteran Soldier
-Photography at Reenactments
-Racism and Discrimination in Reenacting 
-Reenacting Safety
-What Did the Rebel Yell Sound Like? 
-Ways to Save Money Reenacting
-10 Ways to Interest Spectators at Events
-Reenacting and Spectators
-Civil War Dancing: How to Curtsy
-1860s Dinner Invitations
-Peculiar Directions for Resuscitation from 1861 
-Hints for Servants from 1859
-Civil War Snowball Fights
-Spencirian Ladies Hand 1850s Calligraphy
-The End of Reenacting is Near!!
-Tips For New Civil War Reenactors: Be A Bit Of A Farb
- Ways to Save Money Reenacting
-The 3 Things You Need To Be A Good Reenactor
- Civil War Letter and Envelope Templates
-The Spectrum of Reenacting



-Studying Sources: Bixby Letter
-Copyrights in the Historical Arena
-Civil War Letters and Diaries Archives
-Godey's Lady's Book Full View January 1864
-How to Preserve Antique Books
-How to Date Old Books: How to Read Roman Numerals
-How to Preserve and Repair Antique Quilts 


Sewing/Knitting/Crocheting Patterns



-Sewn Colonial Pockets
-Colonial Shortgown/ Bedgown

- Soapballs / Washballs 


  -Knitted Washcloths

-Easy Knitted Scarf

-Civil War

-Red Riding Hood from Peterson's Magazine 

-1859 Sewn and Embroidered Reticule Pattern

-Sewn Pocketbook Pattern from Godey's Lady's Book, 1862

-Sewn and Embroidered Potholders 

-Sewn Boy's Jacket from Godey's Lady's Book 

-Knitting Period Correct Corset Laces 

-Knitted Wool Shawl  

-Civil War Era Knit Purse

-Civil War Sewn Apron Pattern

-Crochet Glengarry Cap from Godey's Lady's Book

-Macrame Watch-Guard from Peterson's Magazine 1857

-Sewn Corset Pattern from Godey's Lady's Book 1857

-Knit Sontag Godey's Lady's Book 

-Crocheted Sontag Pattern Godey's Lady's Book 1864

-Alternative  Knit Sontag Patterns

- Ladies Knit Tie 1861

- Civil War Men's Shirt 1852

-Knit Opera Hood 1858

-1862 Knit Garters from Godey's Lady's Book

-Knit Winter Socks from Godey's Lady's Book 1860

- Princess Capote Hood 1862

-Sewn Reticule 1831-1865 

- 1855 Quilt Pattern

- 1840 Knit Shoe Inserts

-1859 Knit Talma (cape)

-1861, 1862, Knit, Crochet or Sewn, Army Mittens

- 1920s Sealing Wax Art

-1941 Knit Cap

1860s Clothing Interest
-Civil War Bathing Suits 
-Stocking Hygiene- Change your Stockings Twice a Week 
-Civil War Hats, Bonnets and Hoods


-1850s Etiquette When Reading  

Tall Ships and Golden Age of Sail

- Nantucket Whaling and Fate of the Essex
-1916 Mutiny over Hardtack and Pie

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