Helpful Websites


Reenacting/Living History:  

  • The Victorian Needle. This is a great collection of Civil War Era ladies magazines and texts. 
  • Bonny Blue Historical Help by blogger, Atlanta. This site is still under construction but is very good for the beginning reenactor. It has an original overview of the basics as well as links to patterns, tintypes, and books.    
  • Genteel Arts Academy. This is the website of the famous, "LADIES & GENTLEMEN OF THE 1860s CONFERENCE" that is held in Harrisburg, PA. The conference normally hosts numerous sewing workshops and the results are stunningly beautiful.   
  • Why Not Then. This is a website and blog that includes a lot of good CDV photographs from the Civil War Era and information. This site is still under construction.  
  • Anna Worden Bauersmith's Blog. A very nice blog that includes "Mid-Nineteenth Century Living History, Reenacting & Research." She has very good posts on living history and interpretation.

Historical Cooking:


If you know of a website or have a website or blog that you think I would like to include here or on my sidebar, please send an e-mail to or leave a comment. Thanks!

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