Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this blog all about?

This is my personal blog. The topics I post on typically center around American history, notably the 18th century and Civil War Era. This is my way to keep up with my friends and history lovers. You'll find posts on history, historical cooking, sewing, music, art and occasionally just whatever I am up to.

I have a recipe from my grandma but she didn't write any instructions, can you help me?
Yes! Leave a comment, send a message on my facebook page or email.

I have a bunch of vintage cookbooks that no one uses anymore, can I send them to you?

It depends on what they are. I collect handwritten recipes and some cookbooks. Send a message. I can find someone who will appreciate them if I can't take them.

How do you know so much about the past?

I have a degree in history and spend a good portion of my time reading and researching about the past. I am also a member of many history based groups such as the 3rd Arkansas Co. H group of reenactors, The Chester Historical Preservation Commission and work or volunteer at many historical sites such as Tall Ship Gazela at Penns Landing,  Newlin Grist Mill and the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation.

Can You tell me where you got 'X' piece of information?

-Gladly! Just send me an e-mail or comment asking. I try to cite the primary documents featured on my blog as often as possible. I would cite the information portions if blogger would finally make a footnote tool. :D

Do you take submissions for your blog?

-No, I do not but I know of some blogs that do, just leave a comment or send an e-mail and I’ll help you get in touch with those bloggers. I write my posts myself but occasionally I have guest posts. If you'd like to be a guest poster, send me an e-mail at TheSailorsWifeSA@Aim.com.

Will you write a guest post/article/ect. for my blog/ website?

-Yes, I love to write and if you send me an e-mail or comment asking me, I’d be happy to. 

I know you are in PA. Do you ever come down south?

- My reenacting group tries to make it to one southern event each year. I used to spend a lot more time down south, particularly Virginia and Tennessee but it's been awhile. If enough people wanted to get together at an event, I would definitely make the trip.

Can you help me with my reenacting dress/hairstyle/shoes/cooking/project ect. ?

Yes!! I love getting these e-mails and I will absolutely try my best. It also helps me explore new aspects of reenacting. Thanks to all of you who have asked for help. 

I like you! How can I stay up to date, follow, connect with you?

The easiest way to stay up to date is by following my blog using your google/youtube account. You can do so by clicking on the follow button in my left side bar. Otherwise you can find me on facebook, twitter, google + , instagram, and pinterest. I may spend a lot of time in the past, but I'm connected. :)

How can I get in touch to collaborate or how can I hire you for a photoshoot?

Send an email to thesailorswifesa@aim.com with what you have in mind!

Thanks for all of your e-mails and questions! If you would like to send an e-mail to me, feel free to contact me at TheSailorsWifeSA@Aim.com.


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